The Health Benefits Of Air Purification

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Your health is your wealth, do you really know what you are breathing in? Learn about the health benefits of air purification. With over 90% of our time spent indoors, it is shocking that there is more air pollution inside homes and businesses than there is outside of them. Homes that have been studied showed that there were 586 individual airborne substances, so having the very best air purification system in your home is something that is essential if you care about your health.

The reason, or one of them rather, that the air inside is more polluted than outside is because a huge amount of buildings don’t have the ventilation that is required to effectively distribute and promote airflow. It is in homes that the most dust is found, particularly in those areas that genuinely have little to no ventilation. Dust is found in most households and while in your mind it might seem like a simple irritant, it poses as a magnet to viruses, bacteria and dust mites. These can all lead to allergic reactions in people that suffer from reactive airway diseases.

If your home has anything with the capabilities or necessity to burn wood or gas then your home is probably already home to dangerous gases and when they are inhaled too often, there can be serious health issues as a result.

What You Need To Know About Air Filtration

Air purification comes with so many health benefits, reduction in asthma and allergy triggers, preventing contamination of substances known to be deadly, they can be beneficial in both commercial and residential settings. The guidelines are to have at least a HEPA air purifier, our solutions far exceed HEPA certification with 99.99% effectiveness.

1. Air Purifiers Remove Triggers for Asthma Attacks

It is a fact that the most asthma triggers are found in homes, making you Triggers such as dirt, dust, dry skin cells, carbon monoxide, household cleaners, smoke from cooking, air-freshening sprays, paint products, perfumes, cosmetics, and hairsprays. If they are inhaled instead of eliminated from the air, they can trigger huge reactions and for asthma sufferers, some attacks can be a matter of life and death. Tiny airborne particles can cause the most damage for those with asthma. Due to this, our range of air purification systems is the best on the market, specifically removing ultrafine microscopic impurities in the air at the most effective rate available on the market.

2. Air Purifiers Eliminate Allergens, Such As Dust and Pet Odour

The ability that we have with our technology in the systems at OKTOair is that we are the market leaders and we are the only company authorised to use the patented technology in the UK. Every unit is independently tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency. Our air purifiers capture particulates down to 0.007. Dust, pollen, pet odour and more. When you inhale dust, pollen, or pet odour, your body reacts to produce IgE, the allergy antibody. Allergic reactions come from this body’s response.

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3. Air Purifiers Trap Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke, Preventing Lung Disease

OKTOair’s air filtration technology captures and removes particulate matter down to 0.007, making it the most efficient on the market. Removing 99.99% of pollutants from the air, capturing even tobacco smoke. Breathing in tobacco smoke can have disastrous consequences such as the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and heart disease. The side-effects of tobacco or cigarette smoke don’t end there, it can cause asthma, pneumonia, ear infections and bronchitis. Children’s lungs are still in the development stage and because of that fact and the fact that their respiratory rates are higher than adults, second hand smoke is dangerous to them. A fact that is commonly unknown is that elderly people are at a higher risk of getting dementia as well if they are exposed to second hand smoke.

4. Air Purifiers Extract Airborne Asbestos Particles, Reducing Chances of Mesothelioma Development

Asbestos is something that you more than likely have heard of, a mineral that is made up of durable, rich fibres and is heat and chemical resistant. For years it was used in many everyday products, most commonly in building materials. It has now been proven that asbestos can cause mesothelioma, deadly cancer that deeply penetrates the lungs – among other illnesses and cancers. Houses were built before the 1980s with insulation, cement, drywall. Tiles, ceilings that all contained the mineral in the product. None of the products is hazardous until damaged or cut. If there is work being carried out on old properties, it is highly advisable that there is an air purification system in place.

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Buy An Air Purifier – Your Health Depends On It

If you are interested in the air purification movement and becoming part of it like the hundreds of thousands throughout the UK already then get in touch with OKTOair today, we have an air purification solution for every need. To keep air pollutants in your home or business at a minimum the best air purification solution is OKTOair’s DFS, Artificial Intelligence powered solution.

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