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Say Goodbye To The true HEPA Air Purifier And Welcome OKTOair’s New game-changer

Removes 99.99% of particulates from the air that you breathe.

Air quality, the world over, is inundated with pollutants that we breathe in on a daily basis – enter the HEPA air purifier.

So many harmful air pollutants make their way into the home, office, day care or pretty much anywhere that you spend your time indoors. It is an unavoidable daily health risk that everyone takes – most unknowingly. Government and Governing Bodies guidance in the UK states that you should invest in AT LEAST  a HEPA filter air purifier – at OKTOair, we are going above and beyond the recommended guidelines – pioneering a new level of fresh, clean and healthy air that is rapidly taking over the UK and the health benefits are unbelievable.

Our indoor areas typically get little to no ventilation,  no matter the square feet you have the rooms in your home or office are susceptible to harbouring pollutants. These tiny microbe sized particles, once inside are then unfortunately inhaled and the effects on our health range from moderate to extreme depending on the size and penetration of the particulates.

Risks associated with polluted breaths taken :

  • Fertility problems
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Stroke

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To compare TRUE HEPA purifiers & DFS technology: A Breath Of Fresh Air

We have solutions to match your needs

Inside the home, there are so many particles in the air, such as pet dander, that even in large rooms require at least HEPA filtration – our filtration systems however are based on room size to make sure that the room air is adequately filtered, that are inhaled, one of those being dust, having air filtration is life changing. Dust attracts bacteria, viruses and dust mites – leading to allergic reactions and health complications – many of them serious. The guidelines for having minimum HEPA air purifier standards are set meaning that you should have AT LEAST that standard. 

OKTOair’s air cleaning solutions are true HEPA filter compliant, all independently tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA filters efficiency, totally chemical and ozone free far exceeding the EN 1822 European HEPA Type Standard.

Unlike HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) alone, the DFS technology is ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) cleaning, which filters and removes ultrafine particles much smaller than coronavirus and HEPA capabilities alone. DFS technology is in all OKTOair’s air purification systems including the portable solutions Intellipure Compact air purifier, the Deluxe model air cleaner and the larger commercial 950P – making these by far the most efficient purifiers on the market. HEPA is great, and the air cleaning revolution is continuing, for the cleanest, freshest air on the market.

Pioneering the air sector, some of our systems.

We are partnered with Health Way, who are leading air filtration specialists known for developing patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology in conjunction with the US military. This technology is used to help combat biological warfare and features in all of our products. So you can be rest assured you’re only getting the best of the very best with this military-grade air cleaning system.

The World Health Organisation states that air pollution is the ‘new tobacco,’ killing more than 7 million people a year and harming billions more. Additionally, air pollution contributes to 1 in 9 deaths globally.

OKTOAIR Compact – intellipure

Our health is our wealth

OKTOair uses patented DFS filtration technology and surpasses true HEPA statistics in every way possible, but we use both in our Compact Intellipure air purifier, just for extra measure.

Mould, viruses and bacteria are banished by this machine, an air purification solution known across the U.S already for its air cleaning power. With 12 gauge aluminium construction and a butterfly latch back, this machine boasts easy maintenance with easy access.

The fan is armed with 4 speeds and the V-Bank filter increases the surface area, which provides a higher dust loading capacity. If you are looking for a machine that runs constantly, with an impressively low energy consumption then this is the machine for you.

Our air purifiers are armed with an AI lead device, air quality comes to life. The state of the art device is helpful and allows you to have a visual control and information of the air not only in the building, but outside as well. so you can really see the difference.


To the rescue we come, in this case as our air filtration systems not only exceed HEPA purifiers efficiency, but also a much more advanced DFS filter is reducing indoor air quality issues across the nation.  Their air purifiers can remove airborne toxicants in schools, your home, your office and also create a defence barrier that protects the occupants from 99.99% of pollutants that flood the air you breathe. 

With the government guidelines recommending a HEPA standard  air purifier or better for your purchase of an air cleaner, why not give yourself the gift of fresh, clean air to breathe, with particles up to, or should I say down to 0.007 microns removed – you really can breathe easy – at OKTOair we are the vendors who are committed to clean air for wellness. You can read more on the history of air filtration and how far the industry has come.

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