HEPA Air Purifier

Say Goodbye to HEPA and welcome OKTOair’s new technology.

Hepa Air Purifiers are a type of pleated mechanical air filter. An acronym for “high efficiency particulate air [purifier]” But here we are putting the HEPA Air Purifier system aside, as we welcome a NEW technology; OKTOair systems that get particles 40 times smaller dow to 0.007 microns, removing 99.99% of particulates from the air you are breathing in.

A Breathe Of Fresh Air

This technology is a breath of fresh air in the air purification sector, quite literally. And entering into the next chapter of life, the ‘new normal’, highly filtered air has never been more desirable. Whether it is dust , pollen, mould or bacteria, these are all particles  we breathe these particles in on a daily basis and you really wouldn’t be any the wiser that you are, perhaps what makes them so dangerous – their invisibility. Each of our machines is independently tested and certified to be better than a HEPA air purifier efficiency, so if you have ever had a HEPA air purifier, just be rest assured that this is in a different league – Breath easy!  

A Few Of Our Products

Our state of the art machines are all powered by patented DFS technology that is lightyears ahead of the Hepa Air purifier, filtering 99.99% of particulates down to 0.007 microns.

OKTOair Roe Valley

Best Hepa air purifier


Our health is our wealth. OKTOair’s mission is for as many people as possible to have clean, fresh air to breath in, day in and day out. This system has been designed as a whole house, or small business air cleaner. This revolutionary machine uses award winning DFS filtration technology which is 40 times more effective that the Hepa air purifier. This machine will not only have you breathing fresh air, but its installation at the furnace’s blower will see a lower pressure drop and therefore energy savings. Say goodbye to mould, virus’s, fungi and bacteria, they enter this machine and are deactivated inside the filter that last 3 years, leaving you with medical grade clean air for your everyday.


OKTOair Rostrevor

  best hepa air filter


A slightly bigger machine, the OKTOair Rostrevor has a high flow air capacity with a remarkably low energy consumption. This self contained design results in no pressure drop when installed on the air handling unit. If you have been a Hepa air purifier follower and are looking to convert then it wont only be that our technology has a 99.99% filtration efficiency down to a size of 0.007 that gets you. This machine also has lower maintenance costs with its 3 times longer filter life span. With an easy maintenance and auto flow monitoring, this machine will take the stress away and have you breathing nothing but fresh air everyday.


OKTOair Rostrevor

Best hepa air purification


OKTOair Glenariff uses patented DFS filtration technology and surpasses Hepa Air Purifier statistics in every way possible. Mould, viruses and bacteria are banished by this machine, truly the most powerful indoor air purification in the world. With 12 gauge aluminium construction and a butterfly latch back, this machine boasts easy maintenance with easy access. It’s four fan speeds and patented V-Bank filter increases the surface area and provides higher dust loading capacity. If you are looking for a machine that can continuously run and deliver high volume with low energy consumption then this is the machine for you.