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Air filtration is so important

What a year it has been! Air quality was always a hot topic, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the need to wear a mask, attention turned quickly to what was in the air, and what exactly we are breathing in and following close behind, a huge demand for air filtration.

Your health and that of your family, visitors, staff, guests or customers matters and now more than ever it is in high demand in the wake of the pandemic. With our expert help and innovative technology, you will be breathing in a much safer environment.

Air Filtration Partnership


Partnering with Air Filtration Experts HealthWay in the US, OKTOair is the only provider of the award-winning, world-leading state-of-the-art DFS filtration technology in the UK. HealthWay’s development of the patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology, was developed through a United States Military Grant combating germ warfare and is used in all of our products, boasting an unrivalled ability to capture and remove ultrafine particles and pathogens of just 0.007 micron.

This revolutionary DFS technology is unique to the UK air purification market. Killing 99.99% of all airborne pathogens and ultrafine particulate matter down to 0.007 micron, much smaller than the Coronavirus, removing them from our path and deactivating them. Returning to life and the ‘new normal’, relax and breathe easy as you put your faith in this air filtration system.

We have air filtration solutions to suit every space imaginable, right up to 1 million sq ft. Whether you need a compact, slimline portable solution that allow for easy movement or a huge fully engineered large systems for spaces up to 1million sq ft. Home or Commercial, we have an air filtration solution for getting fresh clean air to you.

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IAQ – Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is the quality of the air within and around buildings IAQ has an impact on the health and wellbeing of a buildings occupants, and not only that, but their comfort as well, which is crucial in life.

With our air filtration systems, you not only have fresh clean air to breathe, but you have a understanding of the common pollutants surrounding you indoors and also control over them. Health effects from indoor air pollution may be experienced soon after exposure or years later.


Building ventilation is so important

You have the right to breathe in fresh air, and the right to have confidence in the air you are breathing in. It is important to create a safe indoor environment not only for yourself, but for all of those people that will be entering the premises of your home or business. You can take pride in your space, pride that you are providing a space that is clean, fresh healthy and free from pollutants that can provide benefits, such as;

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased energy
  • Personal comfort
  • Better performance
  • Reduced sickness
  • Lower cost of building maintenance & reduced energy costs
  • Reduces health risks/improves overall health
  • Better sleep quality
  • Better breathing
  • Eliminates allergens
  • Reduced moisture & odours

We have an air filtration system to suit every space, whether that be residential, health care, hospitality, education, retail, offices or leisure. Clean, fresh air is a given right that not everyone currently has access to and OKTOair are on a mission to bring air filtration to everyone’s space and have a healthier, fresher nation.

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