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Air purification has always been a thought, but with the recent pandemic, there was a worldwide shift in the public’s view of health, seeing a wave of demand sweep the world, a demand for health and wellness with air quality coming out on top, as covid-19 was highly spread by micro airborne particles. Air purifiers are now in such high demand.

Air pollution has become the single biggest environmental health risk in the world, with somewhere in the realm of 7 million deaths in 2018 linked according to The World Health Organisation (WHO) report.

The thing with air pollution is that no matter how pressing an issue it becomes, essentially it is an ‘invisible’ problem, which makes it difficult to communicate the severity of the situation, but with  OKTOair’s air filtration systems, the quality of the air that you are breathing becomes visual with Artificial Intelligence and a state of the art application that exceeds the EN 1822 European Standard.

If you were walking down the street and saw what was entering into your body every breath, you would be horrified, what you would be even more horrified at, is that indoors is actually worse and that is where you sit all day. I am talking about inside, outside, your home, your office, your commute. You are always breathing in harmful particulates.

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The air purifier that is sweeping the nation.

Breathe… You Deserve It!

The health of your family, visitors, staff or customers matters and now more than ever it is in high demand in the wake of the pandemic. all worry could be sorted with the addition of an air purifier for building ventilation. With our expert help and the innovative technology, you will be breathing in a much safer environment.

Partnering with Air cleaning Experts Health Way in the US, OKTOair is the only provider of the award-winning, world-leading state-of-the-art DFS filters in the UK.

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HealthWay’s development of the DFS, was in collaboration with the United States government and is used in all of our products, boastin an unrivalled ability to capture and remove ultrafine particles and pathogens of just 0.007 micron.

This revolutionary DFS technology is unique to the UK air purification market. Removing and killing 99.99% of all airborne pathogens and ultrafine particulate matter down to 0.007 micron, much smaller than the Coronavirus. So as you return to the ‘new normal’ you can breathe easy and put your faith in this air purification system.

We have air purification solutions to suits spaces large and small, whether you need a fixed or portable solution that is compact and slim line, right up to fully engineered large systems for spaces up to 1million sq ft.

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Air purifiers and Indoor Air Quality

Each Breathe Free From Pollutants

Indoor air quality is the quality of the air within and around structures and buildings It has an impact on health, wellbeing and also the comfort of occupants.

Having an understanding and control over the common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of health concerns.

Health effects from indoor air pollution may be experienced soon after exposure or years later.

Benefits Of Air purifiers: Why we need air filtration…

Having confidence in the air you are breathing in is important. Creating a safe environment indoors for those who enter the premises of your home or business is something that you will be able to take great pride in as you are providing a space that is clean, fresh healthy and free from pollutants that can provide so many benefits, such as;

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased energy
  • Personal comfort
  • Better performance
  • Reduced sickness
  • Lower cost of building maintenance & reduced energy costs
  • Reduces health risks/improves overall health
  • Better sleep quality
  • Better breathing
  • Eliminates allergens
  • Reduced moisture & odours

Whether you are looking for an air purification system for residential, health care, hospitality, education, retail, offices or leisure, we have a solution for you.

best air purification
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