What is the Difference Between Air Conditioning and Mechanical Building Ventilation

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Many believe that ‘air conditioning and ‘mechanical ventilation’ are terms that are interchangeable, if you believe this, you’d be greatly mistaken. Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning aren’t just a little different, in actual fact, they provide completely different functions. Just as it can be completely impractical to use mechanical ventilation in an environment where an air conditioner is needed, the same can be said for the reverse. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between the two and highlighting the benefits of mechanical building ventilation.


What is Building Ventilation?


Ventilation is a method that many think is the cooling of a room. Ventilation often has nothing to do with temperature and does not actually possess the ability to heat or cool a room. Mechanical ventilation is normally the intentional fan driven flow of outdoor fresh air into a building. Mechanical ventilation systems do not always include filtration for the purpose of treating and cleaning the air but are provided to protect the system itself. It is more effective for air treatment to be provided as part of a mechanical ventilation system, so whilst fresh air is being brought into the building it is being cleaned and purified, removing pollutants and toxins as part of a combined system. 

By introducing OKTOair filtration to your mechanical ventilation system, you can be assured you have world leading technology in air treatment. Our Disinfecting Filtration Systems trap microorganisms for continuous germicidal exposure, resulting in the most powerful indoor air purification in the world. DFS technology is individually tested to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency, capturing 99.99% of particles at 0.007 microns; the particle removal performance is achieved with very little system resistance and low energy usage, making OKTOair’s air purification systems the most efficient available. 

The aim here is not to change the temperature of the room but to remove pollutants, toxins and bad smells through the purification process that we are industry leaders in.

What is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning has the sole purpose to alter the temperature of the room but it does not purify or filter the air at all. Air conditioners do not source any external air to be brought into the room; instead, they take existing air from the room, then cool or heat it depending on the setting and then recycle it back into the same room. The result is the air that has the same purity, but with a higher or lower temperature. The recycling of air can encourage the spread of airborne pollutants, toxins and pathogens creating a greater health risk.


What is the Benefit of Mechanical Building Ventilation and When Should I Use It?

Given the different functions that the two possess, it is important to understand what the systems do and why they are important for air filtration. You need to think about creating a safe indoor environment and have a clear objective of what you would like to achieve from your system. Mechanical ventilation with filtration will be key to providing fresh, clean, healthy air for your employees and customers. For good air quality, it would be highly recommended to prioritise mechanical ventilation. 


What is the Benefit of Air Conditioning and When Should I Use It?

Air conditioning is more suited for making sure workers or customers are at a comfortable temperature. Since air conditioning recycles polluted air, it is more suitable for providing temperature control heating or cooling the area depending on the conditions. 


The Ultimate Air Filtration Solution 

The ultimate solution for any indoor environment is to combine both mechanical ventilation, filtration and air conditioning to effectively control conditions. 

Whilst the ultimate solution is not always practicable, here at OKTOair we are able to provide bespoke engineered solutions to meet your needs for mechanical ventilation, air filtration, air conditioning and building controls. 

If the existing system in place does not accommodate all functionalities, we can work with you and your existing systems and add any components required to achieve the ideal conditions.

Personally, we at OKTOair, have a mission to get clean, fresh and healthy air to as many people as we possibly can. We supply mechanical building ventilation solutions for commercial and domestic use. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with all the advice and recommendations you need. To learn more, give our friendly team a call today.