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Building ventilation is so important, no matter what the building, where the building, pollutants build up and in turn, we breathe them in. In areas that are built up, the pollution builds up even more.

Indoor Air Quality is influenced by a lot of factors, one of those factors being the outdoor air around the building. So the location of a building will influence the building ventilation requirements. The quality of the air that we breathe in has an impact on comfort, energy levels and most importantly our health.

No matter what sector you are in, if you are looking for building ventilation system, we have a solution for you to bring fresh, clean air to you at affordable prices.

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OKTOair’s world leading Air Quality Management System monitors and maintains the air quality within your property. Led by Artificial Intelligence technology, the system automatically ventilates and cleans the air all while it determines how best to manage the air to bring the air around you to the ideal conditions – virtually. The dashboard is intuitive and will show information of the air quality in great detail. Allowing you also to compare the air quality inside and outside the property, all in real time – this empowers you with information on the quality of the air you breathe and gives you peace of mind.

Building Ventilation With OKTOair

The OKTO Artificial Intelligence Processor monitors and compares 11 air quality metrics by reading both the indoor and outdoor air, from there it determines what building ventilation actions are required to achieve the Air Quality requirement for the property.

The system has a dashboard function available on the Home Automation or Building Management system and own smartphone and tablet devices providing them with data on the key metrics in real time on the easy read display.


Bespoke solutions from 500 sq ft to 1 million sq ft

The building ventilation that suits your property would be fitted and from there the system is intelligently controlled through automation of multiple systems including ventilation, comfort cooling and heating systems operable vents/windows and operation of OKTOair filters are determined by the Artificial Intelligence Processor.

The AI engine will decide whether the air can be diluted by ventilating fresh air if the external air quality is good enough and the temperature differential within range, or close vents and windows and throughly clean and disinfect the indoor air. Our intelligent AI will make the decision for you and optimise the cleaning of your air so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

DFS Filtration Where the unfiltered external air or required temperature cannot meet the required Indoor Air Quality standards the air will be passed through the OKTOair Disinfecting Filtration Systems. 

Remeasure & Inform During the cleaning process the air is resampled to measure progress and you will be informed via the dashboard with a notification when the air is clean and fresh.

The Pinnacle of Air Filtration 

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