Commercial Air Purifier

Delivering Fresh, Healthy Air To All

Capture, Disinfect And Remove!

This commercial air purifier, originally developed by a U.S military grant for chemical and biological warfare, the OKTOair solution is made up of specialist disinfecting technologies and exceeds the EN 1822 European Standard.

OKTOair are experts in commercial grade air purifiers, smart buildings indoor air quality and wellness technologies, recently acting upon a global demand for health and wellness solutions. Hand sanitisers and social distancing measures will be in place, but this alone is not enough and when we look into the future, Breathing clean air should be a human right, air filtration is a necessity and OKTOair is here to make sure that everyone has access to fresh, clean air.

Unlike any air filtration system of its kind. OKTOair filtration systems with DFS and HEPA filter technology is able to capture, disinfect, and remove 99.99% of ultra-fine airborne viruses, particles, and contaminants – including those smaller than Covid-19 – guaranteeing the air breathed by pupils and staff is fresh and healthy.

The ‘New Normal’ And How The Commercial Air Purifier Has Changed

Have confidence in the air you breathe… You Deserve It!

Hepa Air Purifiers to date have been the most effective at removing an impressive 99.97% of particulates from the air, but if you are looking for a air purifier with a difference, then look no further.

Our air filtration system technology has taken the US by storm, tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this revolutionary technology is bringing fresh air to over 60,000 schools in New York and Chicago.

There are many different types of ventilation systems and our solutions are fully scalable for commercial buildings up to 1 million sq/ft, OKTOair air purifier systems use less energy than a lightbulb, and investment of 17p per person in a typical school building and are completely chemical free.

Commercial Medical Grade Air purifier

For the ‘new’ normal

A huge change in the air purification sector comes with the introduction of this medical grade air technology, already bringing fresh air to the big cities of America, industrial air purifiers are going to revolutionise the way that we breathe our air and the standards that we have.

The ‘New Normal’ is here and highly filtered air that is free from harmful toxins and detrimental to health is in high demand. Dust, Covid-19, mould, pollen and other nasties are a thing of the past with the DFS filter system catching and deactivating them in the filter, bringing only fresh air to you to breathe in, you can breathe easy knowing that you are getting only the very best and that you will not fall victim to the risks of poor air quality.

Our industrial air purifiers with DFS and true HEPA filter mean that mould spores, tobacco smoke, covid, alongside all other airborne particles down to the size of 0.007 microns are removed from the air that you are breathing in. Indoor air pollution, thanks to commercial air cleaners is  a thing of the past, providing fresh air for all.


A Few Of Our Products

Air purifier companies, while easy to come by, do not have our state of the art machines, each filtration system is powered by patented DFS technology is making waves as the best air purifier for Covid, pet dander and smoke filtering 99.99% of particulates down to 0.007 microns.

OKTOair 1200/2000 IL

Health, now more than ever is so important to everyone in the wake of the pandemic. OKTOair has partnered with an American company to bring to you the freshest air that you will have ever has access to with their patented military-grade technology for air purification.

This machine is revolutionary, with the award-winning DFS filtration technology which is 40 times more effective than the Hepa air purifier, catching particulates in its filter that are the size of one-twelfth of a human hair. This machine will have you breathing fresh air in no time with its easy pre-drilled standing flanges to accommodate its attachment to other system components.

With endless customisation to fit existing air handling units, this machine boasts seamless integration. With the lowest pressure drop in the industry, half that of the standard Hepa Air purifier, this machine with have you seeing significant energy savings.

OKTOair 1200/2000 SC

 A slightly bigger machine, the OKTOair 1200/2000 SC has a high flow air capacity with a remarkably low energy consumption. This self contained design results in no pressure drop when installed on the air handling unit.

If you have been a Hepa air purifier follower and are looking to convert then it wont only be that our technology has a 99.99% filtration efficiency down to a size of 0.007 that gets you the best in the air purification sector.

This machine also has lower maintenance costs with its 3 times longer filter life span. With an easy maintenance and auto flow monitoring, this machine will take the stress away and have you breathing nothing but fresh air everyday.

commercial air purifier

OKTOair Super V

DFS filtration technology used by the OKTOair Glenariff far surpasses the Hepa Air Purifier, leaps and bounds ahead in the air purification statistics.

Truly the most powerful indoor air purification in the world, this machines use of the DFS technology sees mould, pollen and particulates down to 0.007 microns removed through its filter with 99.99% accuracy.

Constructed with 12 gauge aluminium and a convenient butterfly latch back, the maintenance of this machine is so easy with the ease of access. With four fan speeds and patented V-Bank filter the increased surface area provides a higher dust loading capacity.

This machine can continuously run and deliver high volume air purification with low energy consumption.

The machine comes in sleek black and white and is built as a mobile design with full width handle for easy movement and its distribution control allow you facilitate its placement anywhere.

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