Mechanical Building Ventilation

Delivering Fresh, Healthy Air To All

We Offer Full Mechanical Fresh Air Filtration Systems

Everyone can breathe easier knowing their home or their workplace is filled with pollutant free air.

Mechanical building ventilation systems are put in place to circulate air into indoor spaces using ducts and fans.

This is done mechanically by Artificial intervention, guiding the ventilation to ensure that the indoor air quality reaches the set quality standard.

 The Benefits of Filters For Clean Air:

  • Filters and eradicates harmful pollutants for better indoor air
  • Less noise pollution as no noise enters the building via the windows
  • Highly populated areas, dense in buildings don’t have enough wind velocity to pump enough outdoor air flow into the building.
  • Improved security through secure buildings
  • Improved health and productivity overall from high quality air

Mechanical ventilation rather than a natural ventilation system allows for a constant flow of outside air into the building or home and can also provide filtration, dehumidification, and conditioning of the incoming outside air. OKTOair’s Air Management and air filtration system really is a step into the future for mechanical ventilation in buildings, bringing air to a nation that deserves it, for a nation that has asked for clean air. Empower yourself, your staff and your clients with information on the quality of the air they are immersed in.

“Never before has the public need been more focused on feeling safe and protected in the home or work environment”  

Do You Want To Breath Clean air?

Fresh healthy air and free from pollutants

Reducing noise and air pollution can be achieved efficiently through the appropriate mechanical ventilation being put in place in a building, which we can advise you on from start to finish.

If a building is located in a busy and noisy area, then the air quality is likely to be poor. Natural ventilation is not a practical solution to the problem of low-quality indoor air in certain situations, like in cities.

An incredible 99.99% of micro particles are removed from the air that is being breathed in, with each breath taken generally drawing in 40-75,000 micro particles containing harmful contagions, allergens and pathogens, it really does put the mind at ease.

The same can be said of homes, each of these spaces without mechanical ventilation to bring in the fresh air, would have a build-up of moisture, odours and other pollutants. OKTOair specialises in mechanical ventilation systems and thankfully are the only company with access to DFS technology in the UK and Ireland.

OKTOair’s partnership with leading American company HealthWay is bringing clean air to all. Regardless of how many employees you have, we have a solution for you, we believe at OKTOair that everyone deserves to have clean air to breathe.

Mechanical building ventilation Solutions For All Sectors

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Mechanical ventilation in buildings allows for a constant flow of outside air into the building and can also provide filtration and dehumidification of the air coming in from outside. OKTOair’s air filtration system is leaps and bounds ahead in air filtration and a step into the future for mechanical ventilation.

The nation deserves clean air and after the pandemic, it is so much more in demand. With a ventilation system, you empower not only yourself but your staff and your clients with information on the quality of the air they are immersed in.

OKTOair’s world-leading system monitors and maintains the air supply with your property and is led by Artificial Intelligence.

The system will automatically ventilate and clean the air all while it determines how to manage the air to bring the air around you to the ideal conditions that you have pre programmed into the system.

Breathe Easy With OKTOair

The OKTO Artificial Intelligence Processor monitors and compares 11 air quality metrics by reading both the indoor and outdoor air, from there it determines what ventilation actions are required to achieve the Air requirements for the building ventilation regulations.

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