Wellness Suite

OKTO Technologies has just unveiled its new Wellness Division ‘OKTOair’, which offers a range of innovative AI technology solutions for homes, public buildings, retail, offices and businesses. Never before has clean air, lighting and connectivity been more important as we move towards improving our health & wellbeing. OKTOair’s new pioneering air filtration system uses technology that can remove 99.99% of Covid-19 size particles within 10 minutes ensuring the air you breathe is clean, fresh and healthy.

Adapting to the post COVID-19 working world

From indoor air quality management to automatic invitations and hands-free building access space, our OKTOair technology for wellness operating system can help you prepare your work environment for the new normal.

Technology plays an important role and is the future of wellness programmes, and here at OKTOair we help businesses and clients incorporate wellness technology into everyday lives. Wellness technology helps to efficiently develop and deliver wellness solutions that assess the health risks of employees, and it even helps to motivate and engage with added health and productivity benefits.