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The HEPA filter air purifier is an air filter cleaning device that you’ve certainly heard of – most likely because, in a post-COVID world, demand for fresh, clean air is on the rise. Consumers are more likely to purchase a HEPA filtration system because it is the minimal need for clean air. However, this is not the case; for healthy air, it is recommended to have at least a HEPA filter certified unit. It’s also important to understand that not all HEPA air filters are created equal.

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HEPA & DFS – Compare and exceed

Fresh healthy air and free from pollutants

We’ve teamed up with Health Way, an American company, to provide you the world’s most innovative air cleaning technology. OKTOair, which has a large foothold in the United States for its pioneering DFS technology, is currently sweeping the United Kingdom. As everyone crowds in to get their hands on the freshest air on the market, it creates a tornado effect.

The HEPA filter air purifier is known for catching 99.97 percent of contaminants in the air down to 0.3 microns in size – Coronavirus is 0.1 microns in size. The partnership between OKTOair and DFS for sole distribution of the DFS technology in their systems in the UK and Ireland – each independently tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency – is a game changer; the filter catches and eliminates 99.99 percent of pollutants down to 0.007 microns. 

In terms of air filters, the government and regulatory agencies advise that you should have at least a HEPA standard air filter that can remove particles from the air such as dust, mould, and pollen – this is especially important if you suffer from allergies. Our solutions are ULPA (ultra low particulate air), which means they are more effective than a HEPA filter and greatly exceed the European HEPA Standard EN 1822, with some of their machines essentially double as a HEPA filter and a technology of their own.


World Leading Air Purifiers

OKTOair has arrived just in time with their revolutionary AI-controlled disinfecting air filtration system.

The HEPA Filter is not used in all of the air purification systems; instead, the Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) from Health Way is a novel technology specifically designed to handle indoor air conditions.

Demonstrating the ability to eliminate a SARS-CoV-2 proxy virus from the air with a 99.98 percent elimination rate in 10 minutes and a 100 percent elimination rate in 45 minutes.

OKTOair is the only firm in the UK and Ireland with the certification to design, develop, and install the Airworks award-winning air cleaning system.

We put public safety first in all we do, and we’re thrilled to be able to be here for the reopening of society after 18 months of testing and research by our in-house team.

How it works

11 major air quality variables are being analysed in real time.

  • Providing a thorough analysis of pollutant information
  • Carbon dioxide concentrations
  • Carbon monoxide concentrations
  • Formaldehyde concentrations
  • Organic substances that have the potential to be volatile
  • Contamination (Ultrafine- 2.5 microns)
  • The AI in the system determines the appropriate air management strategy to achieve optimal living conditions.

    After the system has gone through all of these processes, the AI will determine the optimal course of action to achieve the best Indoor Quality, and you will have to do nothing.

    However, if you want to check the air quality, there is an inbuilt smart display that will provide you with all of the necessary information.

hepa filter air purifier
best hepa filter air purifier

Fresh, clean air

Unfortunately, air pollution is a ‘invisible’ problem, but the difficulties it causes are extremely visible. In 2005, 360,000 deaths were reported in Europe as a result of poor air quality.

Electronic disinfection techniques are used in all of OKTOair’s systems, allowing them to take in and kill even the tiniest bacteria or viruses, keeping you entirely safe.

The HEPA filter air purifier foundations on which the air purification sector is built have progressed thus far, and we hope that this trend continues. We will do everything we can to ensure that as many people as possible are breathing in fresh air every day, and that no one’s health is jeopardised due to no fault of their own.

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