Hepa Filter Air Purifier


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The promise that comes along with an air purification system really is an enticing one, fresh, clean and pollutant free, you really do want to drink it all in, or in this case breathe it all in. OKTOair have a great commitment to health and wellness, proving this through the purification of air with the use of patented U.S military technology, the freshest air that is available on the market, something that everyone should have. Artificial Intelligence cleaning the air you breathe in on a daily basis of all of the impurities, what a dream – well it can become a reality!

Hepa Filter Air Purifier

The Hepa filter air purifier has been around for many years since its conception in the1940’s. They are effective (99.97%) at capturing particulates that enter into the filter, but that all changes with OKTOair’s systems that are 99.99% effective and catch particles down to the tiny size of 0.007 microns, which is a world first.

World Leading Air Purification

Arriving just in the nick of time with its new AI operated disinfecting filtration system is OKTOair. The air purification systems do not use the Hepa Filter, but a new technology specifically designed to address indoor air conditions, the  Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) from Airworks. Proving to remove a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2 from the air at 99.98% elimination in 10 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes.

  In the UK and Ireland, OKTOair are the only company that have the certification to design and develop, and implement the Airworks award winning system. We have pubic safety at our core always in everything that we do and after 18 months of testing and reserch by our in house team, we are so glad that we can be here for the reopening of society. How The System Works

  • Analysing 11 key air quality metrics in real time.
  • Providing detailed breakdown of information of pollutants
    • Carbon Dioxide levels
    • Carbon Monoxide levels
    • Formaldehyde levels
    • Organic compounds that might be volatile
    • Contaminants (Ultra fine- 2.5 microns)
  • AI in system finds the best way to manage air to achieve optimum living conditions.

Once the system has gone through all of these steps, the best way to move forward to have the best Indoor Quality is decided by the AI and you have to do nothing. If you wish to check the air quality however, there is a integrated smart display that will tell you all of the information that you could hope for.Air Purification system display

Air pollution is unfortunately such an ‘invisible’ problem, but the problems they create are very apparent. Across Europe in 2005, there were 360,000 deaths recorded that had an association with poor air quality. All of OKTOair’s systems use electronic disinfection techniques, allowing them to take in and deactivate even the smallest bacteria or viruses, keeping you completely out of harms way. The Hepa filter air purifier foundations that the air purification sector is built on has advanced so far, and we hope it continues, we will do our very best to ensure that as many people as possible are breathing in fresh air every day and that no ones health is put at risk through no fault of their own.

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Hepa Filter Air Purification
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