OKTOair Super V

Whole-House Air Cleaner with Patented DFS Technology Designed for Asthma, allergy sufferers and households with small children elderly and people with challenged immune system susceptible to airborne infections for both whole house and commercial space applications.



In a 2016 survey, 70% of home-buyers ranked a home’s ‘health’ as equally or more important than aesthetics, longevity and cost. At OKTOair, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why the system has been specifically designed as a whole-house air cleaner. Installed at your home’s point of entry, this revolutionary machine uses patented DFS filtration technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free, air throughout your entire home. And it’s installed outside of your furnace’s blower, resulting in lower pressure drop, and higher energy savings.


• Filtration Unit CFM Capacity – 2000 CFM / 940 l/s
• Point of entry Medical Grade air cleaning
• Greater than HEPA efficiency with half the pressure drop
• Microbial Inhibition property
• Lock tight filtration seal – all air must passthrough DFS Filter
• AwardWinning Patented DFS Technology
• Deactivates mould, viruses, fungi and bacteria inside the filter
• Most energy-efficient whole-house air cleaner
• Up to 3 years of filter life (50% cycle duty)
• 204sq ft/ 19m2 of filter media coverage
• Filter Statuslight | Pressure switch monitor
• Power consumption – 4 watts

Unit Dimensions

686mm x 610mm x 356mm

High-Energy Grid

Air Flow Rate Differential Pressure
2000 cfm 940 l/s 0.27 inWG 68 Pa
1600 cfm 750 l/s 0.19 inWG 48 Pa
1400 cfm 660 l/s 0.16 inWG 40 Pa
1200 cfm 560 l/s 0.13 inWG 33 Pa
1000 cfm 470 l/s 0.11 inWG 28 Pa
600 cfm 280 l/s 0.07 inWG 18 Pa
400 cfm 185 l/s 0.04 inWG 10 Pa

Super V-Bank Filter

Removing PM 5.0 up to 100%
Removing PM 2.5 up to 99.99%
Removing PM 0.5 up to 99.87%
Removing PM 0.3 up to 99.61%
Removing PM 0.007 t dup to 99%


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