Window Treatments & Shading Solutions

OKTOair provides the ultimate End-to-End solution for Window Treatments. We supply and install motorised curtain tracks, roller, roman and venetian blinds complete with bespoke soft furnishings fully integrated with the lighting and Building Control Systems for assured quality and complete reliability.

We will provide the most intelligent window treatment solutions ensuring all drapery and roller blinds in the room move at the same speed and are fully aligned to the millimetre with each other to prevent a ‘sawtooth’ effect that can ruin the aesthetic of the room. Drapery tracks will be whisper quiet and all curtains and roller blinds are hand finished and made-to-measure.

We specify the most effective window treatment solutions:

• Products for recess concealment of roller & track mechanisms
• Zip roller products for maximum blackout solutions
• Rollers with optional Smart Hembar alignment
• Whisper quiet drapery tracks
• Made to measure hand finished curtains and roman blinds
• Experienced surveying and installation team

Health Benefits:

Window coverings are more than simple aesthetics – they manage natural light; reduce the impact of solar heat gain, protect artwork and furniture from fading and blackout the room to aid sleeping, as well as making the room beautiful, whilst making your home/business more energy efficient at the same time. Insulating values effectively double the insulating value of the window which can save you money and keep out outdoor noise.

Workers exposed to natural light tend to feel more motivated to exercise and get more sleep based on studies. A good night’s sleep is crucial to being more productive – better attention span and faster reactions and thought processes. Sunlight boosts serotonin, sunlight exposure regulates appetite, sleep, memory and mood – window treatments help you create the ideal light control for a healthier sleep schedule and more productive day also befitting long term health.

Natural light is the best light. Linking the window treatment control to the BMS to reduce
solar gain, and to our Human Centric Lighting systems to automatically optimise the light available in
the home/building – Lighting up your life.


• Window Treatment solutions ease of use
• Style
• Privacy & Increased home security
• Safety
• Temperature & Insulating
• More energy efficient
• Light & UV Light protection
• Glare prevention
• Price – an investment and added value
• Tensioned sky light blinds
• Smart Hembar Alignment