What Is Wellness Technology?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of air purification and many of us increasingly want safe, fresh air to be a guarantee in our homes and workplaces. Embracing wellness technology will help to futureproof indoor spaces from infections and pollutants, and create long-term solutions to get us on track to a new normal.

Our team at OKTO has been serving clients for the last three decades. As smart building specialists and the UK’s leading providers of air quality management services and wellness technology, we understand that every client’s needs will be unique and the landscape of technology available can be confusing. We are here to help you navigate this and find the solutions that work for you.

About Wellness Technology

Over the last year, the value of holistic solutions to tackling viruses and other dangers such as pollution has become more evident and there has been a lot of discussion in particular around the benefits of air purifiers. Whilst providing clean air is a core part of wellness technology, there are so many more services available.

By adopting a holistic suite of wellness technology, we can go even further to safeguard building inhabitants. From electronic security and lighting control to window treatment and social distancing management, wellness technology services cover all aspects of keeping developments comfortable and safe.

OKTO’s state-of-the-art monitoring and automated action technology give real-time air quality updates to building inhabitants, using AI processors to monitor and operate ventilation, air cleaning and comfort cooling/heating systems to optimise indoor air quality and boost overall wellbeing.

Why Wellness Technology Is Important

Taking a holistic approach to optimising buildings ventilation is essential for keeping spaces covid-secure as we settle into the new normal, and public spaces, in particular, will increasingly be expected to enable touchless control and offer seamless social distancing capabilities.

Embracing wellness technology can also ensure that the air we breathe is clean and safe. Unlike standard air purifiers that simply recirculate air around a space, we provide chemical free air cleaning solutions for any environment, disinfecting air in spaces ranging from 500 square feet to 1 million square feet. Our patented disinfecting filtration technology was developed by a US Military grant in combatting germ warfare, destroying 99.99 per cent of all toxic airborne particles.

Beyond Covid-19, wellness technology also has the capabilities to help support the UK’s climate agenda, such as through reducing indoor air pollution and providing energy efficient temperature control systems. Wellness technology can help to reduce carbon emissions and deliver on the Government’s clean air commitments.


Want To Know More?

For further information on how wellness technology can help to optimise your home or commercial property, please get in touch by emailing us at info@oktoair.com. Alternativly you can call us on 020 8282 6018.