Touchless Control

Buildings where you don’t need to touch anything, are now entirely feasible

Create a safer environment

Empower residents / customers with seamless touchless technology

Using Artificial Intelligence OKTO’s touchless technology provides a welcoming serene and luxurious environment for hotels, offices and residential developments.

OKTOair technology empowers residents, visitors and building staff with seamless touchless access and control technology so that they can travel through the building’s common areas safely and securely without needing to touch any surfaces.

Doors will open for residents using facial recognition and near-field technology linked to resident’s mobile devices. In the lifts automatic lift management and voice control will take residents and visitors to their desired floor without touching a button.

Combining voice, mobile device and facial recognition to provide layered 3 stage security to ensure the safest, most secure environment.


  • The safest, most hygienic method of control
  • The simplest, most intuitive and efficient interface
  • Discreet to fit the aesthetics of any room or space
  • Safe, Secure, Reliable.

While OKTO has been synonymous with designing the simplest, most intuitive controls and user interfaces, COVID has brought touchless technologies to the fore.

OKTO’s specialist AI processors and technologies can be used to provide a completely touch-free experience to travel safely through common areas opening doors and operating lifts automatically with added security to create the safest, most secure environment.

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