Tackling Air Pollution: UK Opportunity To Lead The Way

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The pandemic certainly brought a whole new focus to the air purification sector across the entire world, but air pollution has always been around. With particles of COVID-19 entering the air every second, the focus for people was on ensuring that they were not breathing them in and for OKTOair, although this was not our purpose when beginning, it quickly became it. Over a period of 10 years, we have been pioneering a new era for the air purification sector, believing that every person on this planet deserves clean, fresh air that does not affect their health. 

It is a fact that the air we breathe is polluted. We breathe in particulates indoors and outdoors, there is no escaping it. It is recommended that you have an air purifier that is at least of HEPA filter standard, at OKTOair, we take no chances and we offer a world leading, medical grade HEPA exceeding solution that encompasses not only HEPA, but also DFS filtration.

Our air purification solution was developed by military chemical warfare experts to ensure that you breathe in the freshest air that is available on the market today. 

Air pollution remains a huge global issue, with urbanisation and overpopulation issues, the time to act is now. While the UK is moving towards an electric future, which means that the greenhouse gases from the roads will reduce, there remain the other factors that contribute. 

World’s Leading HEPA Filter Air Purifier

The Transport and Environmental statistics state that:

“Transport produced 27% of the UK’s total emissions in 2019. Of this, the majority (91%) came from road transport vehicles.”


Greenhouse gas emissions by sector, 2019, by proportion:

best hepa filter air purifier

Source: Transport and Environment Statistics


Open waste burning, construction, agricultural burning, transportation, coal combustion are among the contributing factors that cause needless deaths in the UK every year. The European Environmental Agency (EEA) revealed in 2019 that the UK government could have avoided thousands of deaths had it adhered to the recommendations from the World Health Organisation.


There were 3.4 million premature deaths were reported in the UK in 2017 that were linked to outdoor pollution and then in 2019, there was 2.31 million deaths were linked to household/indoor pollution. The time to act is now according to Client Earth and OKTOair are on a mission to bring clean air to the masses. 

With too many deaths attributed to air pollution, it is time to look at what you are breathing in unknowingly and look for a solution that will protect you in the years to come. The particulates in the figure below show you a size comparison of the particulates that you breath in on a daily basis, with the left particulate representing the size (0.007 microns) that our state of the art HEPA filter air purifier exceeding DFS technology captures and kills. 

what is the best hepa purifier

If you are looking for a solution to keep you and your family or colleagues/ employees safe from harmful pollutants which will in turn reduce tiredness, increase energy/productivity and eliminate allergens, then you are in the right place, call and speak to one of our air purification experts for the solution that is right for you. We have air solutions that suit small rooms that scale up to  million sq ft.

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At OKTOair, fresh, clean air if for everyone.


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