See Results of an Air Purifier Comparison Test

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Watch an analysis of top air purifier brands to see which technology really performs.

About the test

Arel Supply performs a basic single-pass filtration test measuring the efficacy of a few popular air purifiers. To capture the data and measure, Ryan Gillum utilizes an Airy class-1 laser particle counter to show what is currently in the air and how much each purifier removes on a single pass through the intake and out of the exhaust.

In this test, Gillum compares some of the common air purification products that you might find to see which one performs the best. Watch the full video to see which technology came out on top.

  • Intellipure®
  • Mila
  • Dyson
  • Molekule
  • TruSens


Why is this important?

This is important because particles range in size, and as you’ll find in the video, not all air purifiers are equipped to handle all particle sizes. The CDC, WHO, and others have shared that some of the most dangerous airborne particles, like viruses, are very small (we call ultrafine) and it takes a special device to be able to remove them from your space. Other particulate considered to be harmful to humans are pollen, mold, dust, dander, fungi, and bacteria. If you’re a human with allergies then you probably know what we’re talking about.

When tackling the remediation of these from your space, it’s important to first look at ventilation and the source. To put it simply, if it’s not easy to fix the source of the problem or increase clean air from the outdoors, an air purifier might be the best option for your environment.


The Results

The following table showcases the results of the air purifier comparison test portrayed in the video above. Please note that the numbers are approximations based on video portrayal of the numbers.


 Air Purifier  Pre (Approx.)  Post (Approx.)  Efficiency (Approx.)
Mila 210,000 at .3μm  51,000 at .3μm  75%
 TruSens 188,000 at .3μm  16,000 at .3μm 92%
Dyson 190,000 at .3μm  61,000 at .3μm 67%
Intellipure 192,000 at .3μm  0 at .3μm 100%
Molekule 185,000 at .3μm  95,000 at .3μm  48%


Our Takeaways: This test showed Intellipure® in its truest form

In a world of companies able to advertise HEPA variations and customer triggering phrases, we are proud that businesses and homeowners are doing their due diligence to learn about real air purification solutions. In this instance, it is important to see the results of the air purifier comparison test and how brands actually perform in a real-life setting.

Based on the results of this test, it appears that our Intellipure® Compact was successful at removing 100% of the particulate at .3 micron (the HEPA standard). We’re proud to continue making real indoor air quality solutions that make an impact in the world around us. Thanks to Arel Supply for sharing this video with us and for conducting the single-pass filtration test.

Please note, the test, video, and subsequent materials are not sponsored by Intellipure. The opinions expressed are solely by Arel Supply and do not express the views or opinions of Intellipure.

Original Source: Intellipure


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