How To Keep Your Office/Workplace Covid-19 Secure

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There’s no doubt that organisations have gone above and beyond over the last year to keep their staff safe and their business operational. Many employers have navigated the pandemic by implementing short term solutions from reducing capacity in offices and the workplace to embracing flexible working and offering staff regular COVID-19 testing.


However, as restrictions are continuing to lift, many companies and businesses will be keen to return to a more structured office or workplace working style that permits full teams to feel comfortable returning to work and coming together to collaborate, innovate and enjoy the social elements of work. In order to facilitate larger groups gathering indoors safely, both now and during future flu and virus seasons, the temporary measures used to stay functional during Covid-19 will not be enough – air purification and air filtration solutions are the future.


Reducing capacity and increasing the flow of fresh air from opening windows might be a good start, but aren’t practical solutions longer term – or even possible in cold winter periods. This is where better building ventilation and wellness technology comes in.


Embracing Innovation

At OKTO, we are specialists in Smart and Healthy Buildings solutions and can retrofit buildings of all shapes and sizes, providing the highest quality wellness technology and clean air solutions for your employees, clients or customers and futureproofing your offices or workplace from infections and pollutants. We have been serving clients for almost three decades, offering market leading air cleaning technology, electronic security and human centric lighting control, window treatment, touchless control and social distancing management.


Whereas some businesses are opting to only invest in air purifiers, we understand that this alone is not enough to keep your staff comfortable and safe – many air purifiers simply recirculate toxic air around a space without trapping and killing pollutants and disease or even add more problems into the environment with technology such as plasma, bi-polar and ozone generation. These systems while killing bacteria, add further pollution sources into the space to react with microorganisms and many air purifiers do not give the efficiency stated. OKTO’s state-of-the-art monitoring and automated action technology give real-time air quality updates to building inhabitants, using AI processors to monitor and operate ventilation, air cleaning and comfort cooling/heating systems to optimise indoor air quality and boost overall wellbeing.


Our award winning, ultra-advanced technology is medical grade and chemical/ozone free, with the capability of disinfecting air spaces from 500 square feet to 1 million square feet. Developed in collaboration with the US Government, we go beyond traditional filtration methods with efficiency never before seen in the industry that can destroy more than 99.99 per cent of all toxic airborne particles to 0.007 micron – far exceeding the EN 1822 European Standard of HEPA technology testing.


Boosting Productivity

Protecting your staff from Covid-19 and boosting wellness and productivity go hand in hand. Employees not only want reassurance from their employers that they will be covid-secure when returning to the office or workplace, but that their wellbeing is also being taken care of. Clean indoor air that is free from pollutants plays an essential role in boosting productivity and reducing staff sickness. Indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and simply opening a window to let fresh air in very little is being to combat the circulation of toxic air, or the circulation of the outdoor air in general.


Clean air technology eradicates pollutants, reducing the need for our lungs to work overtime which is a long-term health hazard and also extremely draining for our energy levels. Clean air in the workplace results in better oxygen absorption, helping to keep us sharp, focused and energised. From improving cognitive function to reducing the number of sick days that employees may take, investing in clean air and wellness technology is not only the most effective way to keep your office or workplace Covid-19 secure, but could give your business a long-term financial boost, and instil confidence with your staff and clients.


Want To Know More?

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