The Health Benefits of Air Purification: HEPA Air Purifier UK

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The HEPA Standard Air Purification

In recent years there has been an increase in concerns about air pollution levels bout outside and inside of the home. Adding a hepa air purifier to your home or office space can improve the quality of the air you breathe and can offer a range of health benefits. If you are curious about the health benefits of air purification, we will help you to decide if an air purifier is a right purchase for you.


What Is A Hepa Filter Air Purifier?

HEPA filters are a type of high quality air filter that meets the HEPA filter standard. They can move up to 99.7% of particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns, including smoke, dust, pet hair and strong odours. This is beneficial for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies.

HEPA filter air purifiers are used to cleanse the air in your home and can be used as building ventilation within office spaces and schools. Air purifiers have become popular in recent years and they are successful in neutralising the threat of pollution when indoors.


What Are The Health Benefits of Air Purification

Relieves Symptoms Of Asthma

For those living with asthma pollutants in the air, including pollen, dust and mites, can irritate their airways and make it difficult for them to breathe. When pets shed and spread their hair into the air, this can also be triggering for pet owners who are living with asthma.

HEPA air purifiers are designed to catch these harmful pollutants in the air, meaning that you can breathe clean air. At Oktoair, our range of air purifiers will continue to keep the air inside of your home or workplace free are these harmful particles. This will reduce triggers for asthma and other breathing difficulties.


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Helps To Ease Allergies

Small particles of dust, pollen, mites, and many more cause allergies and will cause us to cough, sneeze and have runny noses. Air purifiers can catch these allergens moving through the air and will circulate cleaner air indoors. 


Removes Odours From The Air

Similar to airborne diseases and other harmful pollutants, odours also move through the air in small particles We smell those odours daily when we breathe them in. Air purifiers work to remove these unpleasant odours in the air. They remove these particles before recirculating cleaner air for us to breathe.


Reduces The Presence of Germs From The Air

The germs that cause the fly, colds and even the covid-19 pandemic are airborne diseases that spread mostly as particles throughout the air. Air purifiers can be used to catch these harmful particles. It is beneficial to have these in your home and in your workspaces asn they can help to prevent the spread of illnesses when indoors. 


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Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Did you know that odours, germs and other harmful pollutants within the air can affect your quality of sleep? Adding an air purifier to your bedroom will help to reduce the amount of these airborne particles that you breathe in while you are sleeping. If you are struggling with the quality of your sleep, an air purifier could be the perfect solution for you.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider air purifiers when it comes to your health. At Oktoair we understand the increasing worries about the air that we breathe. Our range of air purifiers will help to clean the air that you breathe, both at home and the workplace, helping you to lead and happier and healthier lifestyle. For more information on the range of air purifiers we have in store and their features, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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