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Intellipure® Air Purifiers Effective in Schools

OKTOair pioneering air filtration technology and the recognition industry-wide is coming. Get in touch for your solution and check out this news article below about how air filtration has made a difference within school environments for both students and their...

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OKTOair – The Times They Are A-Changin’

Article featured about the work we are doing and the advances in the air filtration sector:  OKTO is behind the smartest, healthiest buildings on the planet. The innovative Irish company focuses on pioneering technologies including wellness – and, in particular,...

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Learning From The Pandemic: The Importance Of Clean Air

Air purification systems will give fans confidence to return to music venues when restrictions are lifted, writes OKTO Technologies’ Philip Dowds.   After a crippling year for the music sector, hope is on the horizon as the world tarts to reopen and people look...

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