Air Pollution Kills: The Silent Killer

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Millions of people die every year from diseases caused by air pollution, the bottom line is that air pollution kills. This has become a global emergency that varies in different parts of the world. Air pollution: the silent killer is a major risk to our health. Reducing the high levels of air pollution around us will reduce strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases such as asthma. Research carried out by the World Health Organisation ( WHO) shows us that more than 9 out of 10 people live in areas where the levels of air pollution exceed the levels tracked in 2005. These levels are higher in areas that are populated by low-income and middle-income communities.

Air Pollution is all Around You

Air pollution isn’t only a risk to us outdoors. High levels of air pollution can also linger within our homes, office spaces and other indoor areas. Indoor air pollution has been a great cause for concern for a number of centuries. When we spend time indoors we are faced with a number of sources of air pollutants, including cleaning products, smoke, perfume, heating and furnishings. A simple act of moving around can spread these particles and when we breathe them in, it can lead to serious respiratory diseases.

Air pollution indoors can be reduced by using cleaner cooking equipment, sustainable fuels and investing in a HEPA air purifier to increase the circulation of clean air throughout your home, office space and other commercial spaces. Air purifiers can help to filter allergens, pollutants, and other airborne irritants out of the air and improve the quality of the air that we breathe. At OKTOair we have air purifiers that will help to keep your homes and office spaces free from these harmful particles. Whether you are searching for a commercial air purifier or the best air purifier for allergies in the UK, we have something to suit everyone’s needs. 

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The Size of Particulates in the Air

Air purifiers can remove a high percentage of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. These include dust mites, smoke, pet hair and odours. This can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from asthma and allergies that can affect their breathing. Clean air can help us to lead a healthier lifestyle and it can have a positive effect on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Investing in a true HEPA air purifier for your indoor space is an investment that will help you and those around you to lead a healthier and safer lifestyle. It is so important to be aware that air pollution kills people every year in the UK. The air we breathe can be extremely harmful to all of us. For more information on the range of air purifiers we have available and how they can make a difference to your day to day life get in touch with one of our experts today. Alternatively you can visit our website to learn more about the range of air purifiers we have in stock.



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