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What a couple of years it has been! Air quality was always a hot topic, but health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind more than usual with businesses closed and events drawing crowds cancelled due to poor ventilation – air quality was front and centre for the first time and we couldn’t be happier about that at OKTOair.  With the need to wear a face covering, attention turned quickly to what was in the air, and what exactly we are breathing in and following close behind, a huge demand for air purifiers, although this is changing as restrictions are eased, air quality awareness is here to stay.

Your health, as well as that of your family, visitors, staff, guests, or customers, is important, and it is in high demand now more than ever. Meet the air purifier that will revolutionise the way you think about air.

You might believe that the best place to improve the room air is by letting in outside air. When looking at outside, many polluting reasons come to mind, such as harmful fumes from automobiles and factories, to name a few, and purifiers are the way forward. You might be surprised to learn that these air pollutants are trapped within well-insulated houses and businesses because they have nowhere else to go, not only these, but things like pet hair, mould spores and common dust. Even large rooms have these airborne particles. This is where air filters, true HEPA filter to be precise come in. Our technology contains DFS x HEPA filter for even more filtering and protection against the likes of pet dander.

You will be breathing in a safer environment with our experienced assistance and cutting-edge technology.


Partnership: The Game Changing Air Filters


Indoor air quality can have a significant impact on your health.

OKTOair is the sole provider of the award-winning, world-leading state-of-the-art DFS air purifier technology in the UK, thanks to a partnership with Air Purification Experts Health Way in the United States. Health Way’s unique DFS technology, which is used in all of our products and boasts an unrivalled ability to catch and remove ultrafine particles and pathogens as small as 0.007 micron, was created under a United States Military Grant to combat germ warfare.

This ground-breaking DFS technology, which is utilised in air purifiers, is exclusive to the UK air purification market. eliminating and deactivating 99.99 percent of all airborne pathogens and ultrafine particulate matter down to 0.007 micron. Relax and breathe comfortably as you return to life and the “new normal,” knowing that our air cleaning system will eliminate 99.99 percent of particulates from the air.

We have air purifiers for any size room imaginable, up to 1 million square feet. Whether you require a small, portable solution for easy transportation or a large, fully engineered system for spaces up to 1 million square feet, we have you covered. We have air purifiers for all purposes, whether they are residential or commercial, and we are dedicated to providing you with the fresh, HEPA air that you deserve.

Air Cleaners and Indoor Air Quality

The condition of the air within and surrounding buildings is referred to as indoor air quality. IAQ has an impact on the health and well-being of a building’s occupants, as well as their comfort, which is important in everyday living.

You not only have fresh, clean air to breathe with our air purification solutions, but you also have a better understanding of the common pollutants that surround you inside and control over them. Indoor air pollution might have health impacts immediately after exposure or years later.

air Purifiers: The Benefits

Benefits For Allergy Sufferers And More…

You have the right to breathe filterer, healthy air, as well as the right to know what you’re breathing. It is critical to create a safe interior atmosphere not only for yourself, but also for everybody who enters your business or house. You can be proud of your space for providing pollutant-free air that allows people to enjoy benefits such as:

An increase in productivity
An boost in energy levels and a general sense of well-being

Air purifiers for any space and budget are available. Clean, fresh air is a basic human right to which not everyone has access, and OKTOair is on a mission to bring air purifiers to everyone’s home in order to create a healthier, cleaner country.

home air filtration

air Purifiers in schools

Because school children are particularly exposed to particulates in the air in school is critical. Their breathing rates are higher in relation to their body weight, this has been demonstrated to have a direct impact on lung development. Mobile air cleaner devices are a cost-effective alternative for supplying HEPA air in schools across the UK.

OKTOair specialises in offering the best solution for schools, and collaborates with school boards and property managers to determine the best solution for each school’s air filtration needs.

air purifier

Controlling Air Pollution in Schools

More than a thousand schools in London are within 150 metres of a major road, exposing them to roughly 10,000 automobiles every day.

Children in London schools are exposed to excessive levels of traffic pollution due to standard ventilation systems, especially when combined with open windows. Individually tested and certified, every OKTOair air purifier captures road pollution as well as common allergies, mould, germs and other airborne pollutants.


Integration of School Ventilation Systems

Due to insufficient ventilation systems or no ventilation at all, many UK schools find it difficult to give DFS/ HEPA standard air to our students. Air purifiers are the solution – the future of clean air depends on them.

The OKTOair school filtration devices are self-contained, mobile air cleaning systems that may be installed immediately in a classroom and provide entirely clean air to all students, regardless of current airflow.

The air purifier units are affordable, simple to install, provide large air changes, and are incredibly silent, even when set to the highest setting.

air Filtration FOr Schools

Because of the large size of classrooms, high occupancy, and the need for silent operation, most air purifier choices only provide high filtration efficiency or quiet performance, rarely both.

OKTOair has a lot of experience working with schools and government agencies to provide school air cleaning systems that enhance air quality dramatically without sacrificing anything. According to a recent scientific experiment, OKTOair’s school air cleaning devices can minimise air pollution exposure for students and teachers in classrooms by up to 95 percent. Such outcomes are reached through a three-step approach that includes problem analysis, solution creation, and solution implementation in close collaboration with school administration and maintenance personnel.

OKTOair combines established methodology and innovative air filtration technology to give schools with air quality improvements previously considered unachievable, based on 50 years of air cleaning experience.

Hepa filter air purifier

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